Pyro-terrorism Rising

Pyro-terrorism Rising

A Jeep Cherokee loaded with petrol cans and propane gas tanks driven into the doors at Glasgow passenger terminal in 2007. Image courtesy of the BBC

Almost 12 years ago a terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport, designed to kill hundreds of holidaymakers, was foiled.
It was the first time that Scotland had been targeted by a pyro-terrorist attack.

The two terrorists had previously planned two attacks in London, using two cars, packed with gas cylinders , petrol and thousands of nails. After these attacks failed, the two terrorists then decided to launch a suicide attack on Glasgow airport.

Satellite Imagery for Bushfire Threat Analysis

Satellite Imagery for Bushfire Threat Analysis

Satellite imagery and computer technology provide valuable tools for our fire-fighters. These resources provide a dynamic wildfire threat analysis and the public also has access to some of these tools.
The increasing expansion of the suburban sprawl into bushlands and forests creates increased bushfire risks for families.
Some of these valuable risk management tools/resources are highlighted for you.

California Wildfires: Preparation for massive fuel reduction operation

California is purchasing equipment in a wildfire fuel reduction effort to minimize fire intensity this coming summer.

Log chippers, mobile sawmills, portable incinerators, and other equipment has been purchased to remove some of the nearly 30 million trees that now stand dead across the state, killed by drought and insects.

The latest weather forecast modelling from the US National Interagency Coordination Center [NICC] provides the latest wildfire forecasts for June, July and August 2016.  

Significant Wildfire Potential Outlook - July 2016

Fuel reduction programs like this provide a critical first stage of wildfire risk management.
Fuel + Oxygen + Heat + Chain Reaction all form part of the Fire Tetrahedron.

In this definition of the Fire Tetrahedron, courtesy of the Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Fighters Association;

"The four elements are oxygen to sustain combustion, sufficient heat to raise the material to its ignition temperature, fuel or combustible material and subsequently an exothermic chemical chain reaction in the material. Each of the four sides of the fire tetrahedron symbolize the Fuel, Heat, Oxygen and Chemical Chain Reaction. Fire extinguishers put out a fire by taking away one or more elements of the fire tetrahedron."

Without large reserves of fuel, the risk of mega-fires firestorms will be significantly reduced.

Canada: Alberta Wildfire - Massive Evacuation at Fort McMurray

Canada: Alberta Wildfire - Massive Evacuation at Fort McMurray

The massive Fort McMurray wildfire forces residents to flee through corridors of flames in May 2016